Kasaka Gets Crafty. Homemade Elephant Dung Paper

Here at Kasaka we are keen on using ‘natural’ materials wherever possible. This includes the cards that we put into our tents to welcome all of our new guests to the Lodge. These are made using elephant dung paper. It doesn’t get more natural than that!

Elephant dung has long been made into paper. With an elephant capable of chowing up to 300kg of vegetable matter a day, its fibrous waste is ideal for making paper. A large elephant can produce up to 150kg of waste daily. Now that’s a lot of paper
Unable to find elephant dung paper in any of the shops, it recently dawned on us that we are frequently supplied with ample amounts of the key ingredient so why not make our own!

Thanks to two recent visitors phase one is now under way!

Phase two will commence just as soon as we find something suitable to boil the dung in. Understandably the Chefs wouldn’t be too keen on us using their kitchen…
In the meantime if any of our fans have any good elephant dung paper ‘recipes’ feel free to share!